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Louisiana, United States


Tree: Prichard - Thompson Genealogy

State/Province : Latitude: 31.2448234, Longitude: -92.1450245


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 APPLEWHITE, Alice E  Abt 1927Louisiana, United States I7071
2 APPLEWHITE, Thomas Newman  25 Oct 1928Louisiana, United States I7072
3 ARDOIN, Adrien  Abt 1847Louisiana, United States I7498
4 ARDOIN, Florentine  Abt 1870Louisiana, United States I6890
5 BERTRAND, Marie  Abt 1834Louisiana, United States I7501
6 BERTRAND, Oscar  6 Feb 1911Louisiana, United States I7754
7 BOND, Robert Allen  14 Aug 1859Louisiana, United States I181948
8 Brisco, Margaret  abt. 1803Louisiana, United States I3140
9 CLARK, Mary Ollie  06 Jul 1884Louisiana, United States I182275
10 CUPIT, Cora  Abt 1876Louisiana, United States I7918
11 CUPIT, Dubose B  Abt 1879Louisiana, United States I7919
12 CUPIT, Emma D  Abt 1873Louisiana, United States I7917
13 CUPIT, Eugene Wesley  11 Sep 1869Louisiana, United States I7915
14 CUPIT, Laura P  8 Jan 1872Louisiana, United States I7916
15 CUTRER, Maggie  13 Jun 1881Louisiana, United States I182059
16 DAY, Martha C  Abt 1871Louisiana, United States I182216
17 EDDINS, Belle  abt. 1853Louisiana, United States I3084
18 FORD, Charles Nathan  abt. 1872Louisiana, United States I2459
19 FORD, Houston H  abt. 1870Louisiana, United States I2471
20 FORMAN, James Ephraim  08 Jun 1858Louisiana, United States I2567
21 FRUGE, Cyprien  Abt 1832Louisiana, United States I7496
22 FRUGE, Dola  Abt 1900Louisiana, United States I7722
23 FRUGE, Florentine  3 Jan 1898Louisiana, United States I7720
24 FRUGE, Florisca  1 Feb 1899Louisiana, United States I7721
25 GRAHAM, Dewitt Clinton  1828Louisiana, United States I2148
26 GRAHAM, Mary J  Abt 1849Louisiana, United States I182137
27 GRAINGER, Josephine Cyprien  Abt 1830Louisiana, United States I7506
28 GRAY, Robert E  19 Nov 1880Louisiana, United States I5517
29 GRIFFING, Addie  abt. 1907Louisiana, United States I3100
30 GUILLORY, Christine  Abt 1845Louisiana, United States I7499
31 HEENE, Frederick R  Abt 1853Louisiana, United States I6876
32 HODGENSON, Sarah Lula  10 Oct 1885Louisiana, United States I6969
33 JONES, Theresa Ann  Abt 1841Louisiana, United States I182061
34 KINCHEN, Howell Alexander  19 Jan 1843Louisiana, United States I7922
35 KINCHEN, Rosie  Abt 1900Louisiana, United States I7924
36 KING, Absolam  Abt 1833Louisiana, United States I182731
37 KING, Andrew Jackson  Abt 1835Louisiana, United States I182732
38 KING, Effie A  Abt 1888Louisiana, United States I7114
39 KING, Jennie C  Abt 1884Louisiana, United States I7113
40 KING, Jesse A  4 Oct 1832Louisiana, United States I182730
41 KING, Jesse P  23 Jan 1869Louisiana, United States I7110
42 KING, William  Abt 1873Louisiana, United States I7111
43 LEOPALD, Sarah Ann Elizabeth  Abt 1844Louisiana, United States I6865
44 LONG, Mary Elizabeth  2 Mar 1812Louisiana, United States I7581
45 MANUEL, Pauline  Abt 1844Louisiana, United States I7724
46 MANUEL, Raphael Godfrey  31 Aug 1829Louisiana, United States I7505
47 MARCANTEL, Aurore  Abt 1880Louisiana, United States I7719
48 MARINO, Conzetta  Abt 1912Louisiana, United States I182907
49 MARINO, Eugene  Abt 1919Louisiana, United States I182911
50 MARINO, Frank  Abt 1916Louisiana, United States I182909

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ANDERSON, William Noel  12 Oct 1968Louisiana, United States I32
2 BARTLETT, Walter  4 Feb 1965Louisiana, United States I7267
3 BOWDEN, John  Aft 1870Louisiana, United States I6705
4 COSTLEY, William Lewis  06 May 1924Louisiana, United States I181779
5 CUTRER, Rebecca Jane  Abt 1858Louisiana, United States I182168
6 Davis, Hosea Lee  15 May 1957Louisiana, United States I3238
7 FLORY, Ethel Marie  Abt 1991Louisiana, United States I6367
8 FORMAN, Minerva Jane  . 1912Louisiana, United States I2565
9 FRUGE, Doreston  Aft 1900Louisiana, United States I6889
10 FRUGE, Onezia  4 Jun 1964Louisiana, United States I7718
11 HEENE, Adam  Abt 1868Louisiana, United States I6878
12 JONES, Myrtis Ward  12 Mar 1965Louisiana, United States I7660
13 Ligon, Clotilda  27 Jan 1895Louisiana, United States I183655
14 McLEMORE, Craven  Abt 1875Louisiana, United States I182298
15 MILLER, Joseph Dobson Jr.  13 Feb 1891Louisiana, United States I6721
16 MURRAY, Ida Ann  13 Dec 1907Louisiana, United States I7588
17 SIMMONS, Anna  1811Louisiana, United States I364
18 THOMPSON, Minorie Alice  15 Dec 1900Louisiana, United States I182054


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 FRUGE / MANUEL  15 Nov 1899Louisiana, United States F1661
2 GRAHAM / PARKER  Abt 1846Louisiana, United States F1399
3 KING / ROBERTSON  14 Jan 1866Louisiana, United States F2208
4 MILLER / WALL  Abt 1862Louisiana, United States F2181
5 PERILLOUX / MADERE  20 Nov 1884Louisiana, United States F1773
6 RAWLS / WILTSHIRE  Abt 1920Louisiana, United States F1274
7 ROWLAND / RICKS  Abt 1926Louisiana, United States F1385
8 THOMPSON / RICKS  Abt 1850Louisiana, United States F1396