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Alabama, United States


Tree: Prichard - Thompson Genealogy

State/Province : Latitude: 32.3668052, Longitude: -86.2999689

Tree: Z - Nuckolls/McPherson

State/Province : Latitude: 32.3182314, Longitude: -86.90229799999997

Tree: Z - Blankenship

State/Province : Latitude: 32.3182314, Longitude: -86.90229799999997


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 APPLING, Elizabeth Victoria  18 Jun 1841Alabama, United States I182662
2 BAILEY, Serelda Bodicia Ann  Feb 1850Alabama, United States I4544
3 BEAVER, Henry W  12 Nov 1824Alabama, United States I714
4 BEST, Paralee A  Abt 1835Alabama, United States I6691
5 Blalack, George Melton  07 Mar 1860Alabama, United States I182783
6 BLALACK, James W  Abt 1874Alabama, United States I182808
7 BLALACK, John B  Abt 1866Alabama, United States I182805
8 BLALACK, M. C.  Abt 1876Alabama, United States I182807
9 BLALACK, Melmoth M  Abt 1868Alabama, United States I182806
10 BLALACK, Sophia  Abt 1863Alabama, United States I182804
11 BONNER, Nancy K  06 Jun 1822Alabama, United States I183402
12 BOWDEN, James Madison  Abt 1831Alabama, United States I6707
13 BOWDEN, John H  Abt 1837Alabama, United States I6708
14 BRAZIER, Corinthia  Abt 1843Alabama, United States I183264
15 BRUNSON, William L  Abt 1840Alabama, United States I4570
16 CALLIHAN, Maryann Francis  13 Nov 1852Alabama, United States I182837
17 CLARK, Thomas J  02 Oct 1832Alabama, United States I5210
18 COBB, Kelsey Miller  05 Dec 1860Alabama, United States I182798
19 COCHRAN, John  Abt 1821Alabama, United States I5546
20 COMPTON, Jefferson  1819Alabama, United States I2242
21 CULVER, Albert  Abt 1848Alabama, United States I5344
22 CULVER, Elizabeth  Abt 1832Alabama, United States I5337
23 CULVER, Flemon  Abt 1837Alabama, United States I5339
24 CULVER, Jesse  Abt 1840Alabama, United States I5340
25 CULVER, Louisa  Abt 1841Alabama, United States I5341
26 CULVER, Lucinda  Abt 1842Alabama, United States I5342
27 CULVER, Lucretia  Abt 1843Alabama, United States I5338
28 CULVER, Mary ANN  Abt 1852Alabama, United States I5345
29 CULVER, Samuel  Abt 1847Alabama, United States I5343
30 EMFINGER, Richard  Abt 1824Alabama, United States I182203
31 GOLDSMITH, Amanda P  30 Mar 1839Alabama, United States I183561
32 GOODMAN, Sara Louise  28 Oct 1845Alabama, United States I182954
33 GREGG, Jessie A  Abt 1854Alabama, United States I3950
34 GUNTHARP, Sarah Ann  22 Dec 1857Alabama, United States I927
35 HADDOCK, Henry H  Abt 1843Alabama, United States I5872
36 HADDOCK, Mariah  Abt 1838Alabama, United States I5871
37 HALL, John  Abt 1832Alabama, United States I183593
38 HALL, Thomas  Abt 1835Alabama, United States I183594
39 HARRISON, Lilly Ann  Abt 1830Alabama, United States I6735
40 HARRISON, Mary  Abt 1871Alabama, United States I8012
41 HARRISON, Presley Ward  28 Mar 1851Alabama, United States I7964
42 HEADRICK, Charles Alfred  27 Sep 1850Alabama, United States I182836
43 HEWLETT, Reuben Greenwood  22 Jun 1834Alabama, United States I1270
44 HILL, Lewis  Abt 1812Alabama, United States I181896
45 HUDSON, Berry Bascaunb  15 Jul 1874Alabama, United States P24
46 HUDSON, Keener Gladys  15 Oct 1908Alabama, United States P13
47 JACKS, Rhoda  22 Jan 1826Alabama, United States I648
48 JACKS, Sabra  1824Alabama, United States I652
49 JAMES, Matilda  Abt 1804Alabama, United States I226
50 JOHNSON, Robert Fenner  Abt 1845Alabama, United States I8117

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Matches 1 to 14 of 14

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ALLEN, Abraham  Abt 1825Alabama, United States I3547
2 BUTLER, Beverly Gayle  3 Jul 2003Alabama, United States I7513
3 CHISHOLM, Ola  07 Sep 1961Alabama, United States I2049
4 GATTIS, John  Abt 1851Alabama, United States I3543
5 HILL, Mary Polly  1851-11-07Alabama, United States I982
6 HOKETT, Jefferson M  Abt 1865Alabama, United States I183311
7 HOPKINS, Helen  Alabama, United States P8
8 KELLY, Noah A  Bef 1870Alabama, United States I7419
9 McCARMICHAEL, Nancy J  Bef 1879Alabama, United States I7420
10 RHODES, Julia Ann  1920Alabama, United States P59
11 RIPPETOE, Malissa Ann  Aft 1850Alabama, United States I6706
12 SIMONTON, Christopher  14 Jul 1864Alabama, United States I78
13 UNKNOWN, Jamima  1855Alabama, United States I00186
14 WINBORNE, Dempsey Jr  08 Jan 1822Alabama, United States I181945


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BRAZIL / COBB  Abt 1865Alabama, United States F1529
2 CULVER / McNEELY  Abt 1831Alabama, United States F1259
3 GUNTHARP / WADE  1847Alabama, United States F189
4 HEADRICK / CALLIHAN  Abt 1870Alabama, United States F1544
5 KNIGHT / POLLARD  10 Jan 1844Alabama, United States F2481
6 LOVEJOY / GOLDSMITH  28 May 1857Alabama, United States F1712
7 SMART / UNKNOWN  1804Alabama, United States F00060