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Arkansas, United States


Tree: Prichard - Thompson Genealogy

Latitude: 34.76436694774775, Longitude: -92.3016357421875

Tree: Z - Blankenship

Latitude: 34.72433091945126, Longitude: -92.2906494140625


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 AYDELOTT, Alfred Lewis  30 May 1916Arkansas, United States I4695
2 AYDELOTT, Herbert Raymond  10 Sep 1889Arkansas, United States P4713
3 AYDELOTT, Josephine  Abt 1919Arkansas, United States I4696
4 BALLARD, Rachel Evelyn  27 Apr 1924Arkansas, United States I8024
5 BARNES, Connie Elizabeth  26 Apr 1890Arkansas, United States I7283
6 BARTLETT, Walter E  Abt 1919Arkansas, United States I7265
7 BLANKENSHIP, Milton S  08 Aug 1912Arkansas, United States I00054
8 BRANHAM, Annie  Abt 1922Arkansas, United States I6387
9 BRANHAM, Bertha M  Abt 1932Arkansas, United States I6389
10 BRANHAM, Dolan  Abt 1927Arkansas, United States I6388
11 BRANHAM, Edward  Abt 1915Arkansas, United States I6384
12 BRANHAM, Fred W  Abt 1919Arkansas, United States I6386
13 BRANHAM, Herbert  Abt 1938Arkansas, United States I6390
14 BRAZIL, Lucas J  Abt 1869Arkansas, United States I182788
15 BRICKEY, Louisa Catherine  Abt 1841Arkansas, United States I6444
16 BROTHERTON, Catherine  Abt 1838Arkansas, United States I5054
17 BROTHERTON, James  Abt 1847Arkansas, United States I5056
18 BROTHERTON, Mariam  Abt 1849Arkansas, United States I5057
19 BROTHERTON, Montezuma  Abt 1872Arkansas, United States I5037
20 BROTHERTON, Sarah  Abt 1844Arkansas, United States I5055
21 BUCHANAN, Ambrose  1862Arkansas, United States I1197
22 CLAY, Cecil Wayne  15 Dec 1936Arkansas, United States I6607
23 CRISP, Cynthia  Abt 1884Arkansas, United States I3822
24 DACUS, Nancy Ann  Abt 1864Arkansas, United States I6373
25 DACUS, William T  Abt 1861Arkansas, United States I7017
26 DENTON, Robert Tillman  Abt 1888Arkansas, United States I183117
27 DORAN, Ella Fair  10 Jul 1920Arkansas, United States I3556
28 DORAN, John A  Abt 1860Arkansas, United States I5059
29 FLORY, Ethel Marie  Abt 1911Arkansas, United States I6367
30 GILLESPIE, John Errold  17 Jan 1893Arkansas, United States I3862
31 GILLESPIE, Pearl A  Abt 1901Arkansas, United States I3864
32 GILLESPIE, Perry A Jr.  Abt 1897Arkansas, United States I3863
33 GOODRUM, John C  20 Apr 1856Arkansas, United States I6741
34 HAMMOND, Earnest  Abt 1876Arkansas, United States I3868
35 HAMMOND, Ellen  26 Jan 1874Arkansas, United States I3799
36 HAMMOND, John  Abt 1871Arkansas, United States I3867
37 HEWLETT, Ralph  abt. 1817Arkansas, United States I2307
38 HOKETT, Willam Marion  16 Feb 1858Arkansas, United States I183309
39 HOLDER, Hugh Carson  14 Feb 1884Arkansas, United States I7269
40 HOLDER, William J  Abt 1842Arkansas, United States I7288
41 HUGHES, Fannie E  Abt 1850Arkansas, United States I8414
42 KENNEDY, Clyde Gordon  Abt 1924Arkansas, United States I221
43 KENNEDY, Hazel Anne  Abt 1938Arkansas, United States I223
44 KENNEDY, Lydia Bess  Abt 1921Arkansas, United States I219
45 KENNEDY, Samuel E  Abt 1922Arkansas, United States I220
46 KENNEDY, Sydney M  Abt 1930Arkansas, United States I222
47 KING, Amelia Ann  Abt 1903Arkansas, United States I182890
48 KING, Charles  Abt 1892Arkansas, United States I182887
49 KING, Earnest Lee  Abt 1910Arkansas, United States I182893
50 KING, Henry A  Abt 1908Arkansas, United States I182892

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Matches 1 to 15 of 15

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 AMBROSE, Iva  5 Feb 1954Arkansas, United States I6371
2 ARKANSAS, Elizabeth Ann  Bef 1861Arkansas, United States I5058
3 BLANKENSHIP, Clyde R  10 Dec 1991Arkansas, United States I00051
4 BOYSTON, Cynthia  Abt 1891Arkansas, United States I5048
5 BRANHAM, James K Polk  Abt 1929Arkansas, United States I6374
6 DACUS, Nancy Ann  Aft 1910Arkansas, United States I6373
7 DAVIS, Rebecca  Abt 1880Arkansas, United States I5046
8 EVERETT, Issac  Abt 1861Arkansas, United States I3307
9 KING, Amelia Ann  Abt 1973Arkansas, United States I182890
10 KING, Charles  Abt 1953Arkansas, United States I182887
11 KING, Margaret E  Abt 1975Arkansas, United States I182891
12 KING, William E  Abt 1966Arkansas, United States I182889
13 MILLER, John Morgan  Abt 1929Arkansas, United States I6370
14 ROBERTS, Jasper F  Abt 1921Arkansas, United States I6429
15 WRIGHT, Sarah Virgil  Abt 1888Arkansas, United States I6435


Matches 1 to 15 of 15

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 AYDELOTT / VADEN  Abt 1915Arkansas, United States F1141
2 BLANKENSHIP / FRENCH  12 Jun 1910Arkansas, United States F00015
3 BLANKENSHIP / RANDALL  24 Dec 1923Arkansas, United States F00011
4 BLANKENSHIP / TRIMBLE  23 Dec 1894Arkansas, United States F00014
5 BROTHERTON / BURT  07 Mar 1865Arkansas, United States F1211
6 DICKEY / MOORE  05 Aug 1944Arkansas, United States F1335
7 DORAN / ARKANSAS  Abt 1858Arkansas, United States F1215
8 FLORY / BRICKEY  Abt 1889Arkansas, United States F2022
9 GOODRUM / ADAMS  Abt 1855Arkansas, United States F2097
10 JOHNSON / SASSER  10 Jun 1934Arkansas, United States F1479
11 KENNEDY / STEED  Abt 1920Arkansas, United States F70
12 LAMBERT / WETHERFORD  17 May 1858Arkansas, United States F2337
13 MANGES / UNKNOWN  Abt 1867Arkansas, United States F1212
14 McGEHEE / BARNES  Abt 1906Arkansas, United States F2259
15 THOMPSON / MULCAHY  28 Feb 1953Arkansas, United States F595