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Kentucky, United States


Tree: Prichard - Thompson Genealogy

State/Province : Latitude: 37.65077383020902, Longitude: -85.05615234375


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 PEAK, Sarah  Abt 1850Kentucky, United States I5687
2 AMBROSE, Iva  14 Dec 1875Kentucky, United States I6371
3 AMBROSE, James F  Abt 1846Kentucky, United States I6445
4 AMBROSE, Myrtie  Abt 1877Kentucky, United States I6447
5 BEECH, Bettie  Abt 1898Kentucky, United States I5821
6 BEECH, Birdie L  Abt 1878Kentucky, United States I5817
7 BEECH, Fred Annis  Abt 1889Kentucky, United States I5820
8 BEECH, Marge  Abt 1882Kentucky, United States I5819
9 BEECH, Tommie Maude  Abt 1880Kentucky, United States I5818
10 BOWLES, Mary M  Abt 1800Kentucky, United States I8232
11 BRANHAM, Anderson Luther  Abt 1874Kentucky, United States I6417
12 BRANHAM, Angeline  Abt 1842Kentucky, United States I6378
13 BRANHAM, Ellie B  Abt 1876Kentucky, United States I6418
14 BRANHAM, James K Polk  2 Jan 1855Kentucky, United States I6374
15 BRANHAM, Lewis Arthur  18 May 1875Kentucky, United States I6420
16 BRANHAM, Louisa L  Abt 1844Kentucky, United States I6379
17 BRANHAM, Malvina  Abt 1846Kentucky, United States I6380
18 BRANHAM, Samuel  Abt 1878Kentucky, United States I6419
19 BROWN, James H  Abt 1862Kentucky, United States I5664
20 BURTON, Elizabeth  Abt 1802Kentucky, United States I183514
21 CAMPBELL, Ezekiel G  Abt 1797Kentucky, United States I5452
22 CAMPBELL, James Boyd  28 Aug 1820Kentucky, United States I4710
23 CAMPBELL, Jane Dean  23 Jul 1822Kentucky, United States I1823
24 CLINKENBEARD, Eleanor  12 Mar 1814Kentucky, United States I5739
25 CONDIFF, Washington G  abt. 1820Kentucky, United States I2843
26 CURD, Charles  16 Jan 1804Kentucky, United States I5713
27 CURLIN, Leonora H  Abt 1864Kentucky, United States I8010
28 DAVIS, Lovina  3 May 1826Kentucky, United States I6377
29 DAVIS, Rebecca  Abt 1820Kentucky, United States I5046
30 EBERLEIN, Malinda Permilia  Abt 1849Kentucky, United States I183685
31 ELLISON, Albert Madison  14 Feb 1883Kentucky, United States I5603
32 ELLISON, Albert T  Abt 1855Kentucky, United States I5682
33 ELLISON, Amanda  Abt 1848Kentucky, United States I5680
34 ELLISON, James Lewis  8 Apr 1850Kentucky, United States I5600
35 ELLISON, John M  Abt 1846Kentucky, United States I5679
36 ELLISON, Louis  Abt 1810Kentucky, United States I5676
37 ELLISON, Robert Lewis  5 Oct 1877Kentucky, United States I5602
38 ELLISON, Samuel W  Abt 1852Kentucky, United States I5681
39 ELLISON, Sarah A  Abt 1843Kentucky, United States I5678
40 GATEWOOD, Henry  Abt 1835Kentucky, United States I182989
41 GATEWOOD, William A  Abt 1808Kentucky, United States I182979
42 GATEWOOD, William Andrew  Abt 1834Kentucky, United States I182988
43 JOHNSON, Martha Ann  25 Aug 1837Kentucky, United States I7019
44 LAND, Garret  Abt 1841Kentucky, United States I183458
45 LAND, James William  Abt 1814Kentucky, United States I183447
46 LAND, Jessie D  Abt 1852Kentucky, United States I183461
47 LAND, Sarah Elizabeth  Abt 1838Kentucky, United States I183457
48 LOCKRIDGE, George  Abt 1794Kentucky, United States I183513
49 LOFTON, George D  15 Jul 1815Kentucky, United States I2499
50 LOFTON, Issac H  abt. 1823Kentucky, United States I2501

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 AMBROSE, Myrtie  Abt 1953Kentucky, United states I6447
2 BRANHAM, Barnabus  Abt 1866Kentucky, United States I6376
3 BRANHAM, Lewis Arthur  26 Oct 1956Kentucky, United States I6420
4 Maiden, Cherokee Indian  Bef 1850Kentucky, United States I182987
5 MAYFIELD, Enoch  21 Jan 1872Kentucky, United States P28
6 McWHORTER, Amanda Jane  Abt 1907Kentucky, United States I6416
7 PRESTON, Matilda Adeline  Abt 1864Kentucky, United States I7322


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 MONTGOMERY, Robert Emmet Sr.  25 Nov 1930Kentucky, United States P183915


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 GATEWOOD / Maiden  Abt 1833Kentucky, United States F1583
2 WARD / SULLIVAN  Abt 1915Kentucky, United States F2231