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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 CHILDRESS, Albert  Abt 1869Mississippi I00176
2 CHILDRESS, Alvis  Feb 1887Mississippi I00127
3 CHILDRESS, Barren  Abt 1906Mississippi I00134
4 CHILDRESS, Bill  Abt 1866Mississippi I00175
5 CHILDRESS, Biron  Abt 1906Mississippi I00137
6 CHILDRESS, Cleveland  Abt 1892Mississippi I00126
7 CHILDRESS, David  Sep 1884Mississippi I00129
8 CHILDRESS, Dorsey Dewey  04 Jun 1899Mississippi I00106
9 CHILDRESS, Eugene  Abt 1895Mississippi I00125
10 CHILDRESS, Frank  Oct 1885Mississippi I00130
11 CHILDRESS, Robert  Abt 1873Mississippi I00173
12 CHILDRESS, Sam  Feb 1889Mississippi I00128
13 CHILDRESS, Stella Mary  Abt 1913Mississippi I00136
14 CHILDRESS, Tursie  Abt 1909Mississippi I00133
15 CHILDRESS, Velma  Abt 1904Mississippi I00135
16 CHILDRESS, Wiley  Abt 1860Mississippi I00174
17 CLEMMER, Belle  Abt 1897Mississippi P184024
18 CLEMMER, James D  30 Aug 1879Mississippi P184048
19 CLEMMER, James W  Abt 1902Mississippi P184021
20 CLEMMER, Jewel R  Abt 1899Mississippi P184022
21 CLEMMER, Laban Lafayette  20 April 1872Mississippi P183902
22 CLEMMER, Lillie D  Mar 1882Mississippi P184049
23 CLEMMER, Lillie M  Abt 1894Mississippi P184023
24 CLEMMER, Mabel  Abt 1909Mississippi P184019
25 CLEMMER, Robert  Apr 1877Mississippi P184050
26 CLEMMER, Svann E  Nov 1875Mississippi P184051
27 CLEMMER, Troy L  Abt 1907Mississippi P184020
28 HUDDLESTON, Americia  Abt 1865Mississippi P184034
29 HUDDLESTON, Elizabeth  Abt 1870Mississippi P184030
30 HUDDLESTON, Emiley  Abt 1872Mississippi P184031
31 HUDDLESTON, Jeremiah  Abt 1868Mississippi P184032
32 HUDDLESTON, John A.  Abt 1860Mississippi P184033
33 JACKSON, Annie  Jan 1883Mississippi P184012
34 JACKSON, Ennis Leo  5 July 1926Mississippi P183897
35 JACKSON, John Calvin  1858Mississippi P184016
36 JACKSON, Maggie O  Sep 1896Mississippi P184010
37 JACKSON, Mary  May 1885Mississippi P184013
38 JACKSON, Maurine L  May 1889Mississippi P184011
39 JACKSON, Minnie P  Abt 1920Mississippi P183906
40 MONCRIEF, Jessie  20 Dec 1829Mississippi I00139
41 MONCRIEF, Willie C  28 Sep 1870Mississippi I00107
42 MONTGOMERY, Frances  Sep 1891Mississippi P183938
43 MONTGOMERY, Frances  Abt 1892Mississippi P183934
44 MONTGOMERY, Mary  Jul 1889Mississippi P183939
45 MONTGOMERY, Mary  Abt 1890Mississippi P183937
46 PANNELL, Mary Ann Elizabeth  Nov 1860Mississippi P183919
47 REED, Mary June  24 June 1872Mississippi P183901
48 SIMMONS, Nancy Jane  27 Jan 1838Mississippi I00138
49 SLAUGHTER, John  Abt 1866Mississippi P4475
50 SLAUGHTER, Lundy  Abt 1870Mississippi P4474

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Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 UNKNOWN, Courtney  Aft 1850Mississippi I35604


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    _MILT    Person ID 
1 CHILDRESS, Samuel  Mississippi I00132