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Tennessee, United States


Tree: Prichard - Thompson Genealogy

State/Province : Latitude: 36.194047569400084, Longitude: -86.81396484375


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ABELLS, Elizabeth  Abt 1862Tennessee, United States I3983
2 ABELLS, William F  Abt 1832Tennessee, United States I3981
3 ABELLS, William F  Abt 1832Tennessee, United States I3982
4 ABELLS, William F  Abt 1866Tennessee, United States I3984
5 ADAMS, Sylvanus  Abt 1798Tennessee, United States I183432
6 ANDERSON, Ellen C  Abt 1845Tennessee, United States I183211
7 ARMSTRONG, Mary  Tennessee, United States I1062
8 ATKINS, Samuel L  Abt 1895Tennessee, United States I7706
9 AVENT, Blanche Lytle  Abt 1861Tennessee, United States I182006
10 AYDELOTT, Alfred Lewis  16 Mar 1855Tennessee, United States P4707
11 AYDELOTT, Edwin  Oct 1886Tennessee, United States P4704
12 AYDELOTT, Emmett Theodore  22 Feb 1878Tennessee, United States P4695
13 BAGWELL, Eudora P  Abt 1865Tennessee, United States I183193
14 BAGWELL, James Watts  Abt 1848Tennessee, United States I183221
15 BAILEY, William  Abt 1775Tennessee, United States I4555
16 BARKER, Susan Elizabeth  03 May 1831Tennessee, United States I3694
17 BERRY, Virginia  17 Nov 1851Tennessee, United States I4397
18 BINKLEY, Jacob Henderson  Abt 1820Tennessee, United States I7011
19 BINKLEY, Martha J  8 Jan 1849Tennessee, United States I183206
20 BLACK, Mary C  Abt 1829Tennessee, United States I5911
21 BLACKWELL, Ovell  21 Jan 1911Tennessee, United States I746
22 BLACKWELL, Robert Allen  Abt 1850Tennessee, United States I928
23 BLACKWELL, William Cecil  02 Aug 1937Tennessee, United States I3763
24 BLAKE, John  Tennessee, United States I1194
25 BLAKE, Mary Isabelle  31 Oct 1872Tennessee, United States I1193
26 BLANKINSHIP, Jack  03 Jul 1875Tennessee, United States I00059
27 BLANTON, Malinda  Abt 1891Tennessee, United States I183159
28 BLASSINGAME, Cena  Abt 1820Tennessee, United States I4133
29 BLASSINGAME, George Washington  Abt 1840Tennessee, United States I4142
30 BLASSINGAME, John Calvin  Abt 1836Tennessee, United States I4140
31 BLASSINGAME, Love A  Abt 1826Tennessee, United States I4136
32 BLASSINGAME, Lucinda M  Abt 1822Tennessee, United States I4134
33 BLASSINGAME, Martha  Abt 1830Tennessee, United States I4138
34 BLASSINGAME, Mary Ann  Abt 1838Tennessee, United States I4141
35 BLASSINGAME, Teletha  Abt 1828Tennessee, United States I4137
36 BLASSINGAME, Thomas Carr  Abt 1823Tennessee, United States I4120
37 BLASSINGAME, Wade  Abt 1833Tennessee, United States I4139
38 BLASSINGAME, William Fair  Abt 1824Tennessee, United States I4135
39 BOGART, Loriana  Abt 1815Tennessee, United States I183565
40 BOWLS, Verlincha L  abt. 1819Tennessee, United States I877
41 BOYSTON, Cynthia  Abt 1825Tennessee, United States I5048
42 BRANHAM, Annie  Abt 1889Tennessee, United States I6394
43 BRANHAM, Barnabus  Abt 1822Tennessee, United States I6376
44 BRANHAM, Ellen  Abt 1881Tennessee, United States I6391
45 BRANHAM, George  Abt 1896Tennessee, United States I6397
46 BRANHAM, James  Abt 1887Tennessee, United States I6393
47 BRANHAM, Jessie  Abt 1890Tennessee, United States I6395
48 BRANHAM, Lizzie  Abt 1884Tennessee, United States I6392
49 BRANHAM, Margaret  Abt 1820Tennessee, United States I7028
50 BRANHAM, Mary  17 Sep 1824Tennessee, United States I7029

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Matches 1 to 44 of 44

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ABELLS, William F  Abt 1869Tennessee, United States I3981
2 ABELLS, William F  Abt 1869Tennessee, United States I3982
3 ARBUCKLE, Dr. David C  25 Nov 1857Tennessee, United States I7382
4 ARBUCKLE, Nancy J  Bef 1900Tennessee, United States I7387
5 ARBUCKLE, Dr. William Thomas  26 Dec 1893Tennessee, United States I7385
6 BAGWELL, James Watts  Abt 1904Tennessee, United States I183221
7 BOWEN, Reese  02 Oct 1844Tennessee, United States I17
8 CLARK, Lou Anna  Abt 1862Tennessee, United States I7381
9 COOKSEY, Annie Sarah  28 Sep 1923Tennessee, United States I4256
10 CURLIN, James M  Abt 1885Tennessee, United States I8007
11 DARSEY, Benjamin Monroe  4 Oct 1861Tennessee, United States I7584
12 DAVIS, Lovina  1 Sep 1897Tennessee, United States I6377
13 FARRAR, Margaret  20 Jan 1889Tennessee, United States I2115
14 GREENE, Caroline Lydia  Abt 1895Tennessee, United States I183706
15 HARDWICK, Sarah Tucker  23 Aug 1987Tennessee, United States I7740
16 HILL, Kenny Bond  30 Aug 2005Tennessee, United States I181881
17 HILL, Lewis  Abt 1865Tennessee, United States I181896
18 HILL, Willie Dixie  13 Feb 1956Tennessee, United States I1731
19 HORNE, Thomas Curtis  2 Nov 1891Tennessee, United States I4408
20 HUFF, Elizabeth  Abt 1819Tennessee, United States I4252
21 JONES, Jane  Bef 1870Tennessee, United States I4405
22 MACKLIN, William  Aug 1963Tennessee, United States P4524
23 MACLIN, Lewis Spencer  1879Tennessee, United States P4430
24 McCREIGHT, Jane L  25 Jun 1905Tennessee, United States I7879
25 MORRIS, Richard  Abt 1860Tennessee, United States I6448
26 MORRISON, Anna  Aft 1870Tennessee, United States I182502
27 NEBLETT, John E  Abt 1884Tennessee, United States I3702
28 NELSON, Ella  02 Aug 1954Tennessee, United States I183696
29 NELSON, Geore L  Aft 1880Tennessee, United States I183705
30 O NEAL, Mary  Tennessee, United States I933
31 PATTON, Rosanna E  23 Jan 1877Tennessee, United States I00057
32 PENNINGTON, William J  15 Aug 1922Tennessee, United States I7296
33 PERKINS, George G.  Tennessee, United States I1557
34 PERKINS, Sophronia P  Tennessee, United States I1559
35 ROGERS, Mary T  7 Sep 1854Tennessee, United States P4470
36 ROOKS, Levi  Abt 1856Tennessee, United States I6793
37 ROWLAND, Elihu  Aft 1870Tennessee, United States I182501
38 SIMONTON, John Walter  21 Dec 1961Tennessee, United States I1679
39 SINK, Marshall Slaughter  Abt 1933Tennessee, United States I4373
40 SIPES, Miles Edgar  21 Mar 1951Tennessee, United States I4255
41 STRONG, Jane Dunn  29 Sep 1834Tennessee, United States I1033
42 TURNER, Mary Elizabeth  Abt 1841Tennessee, United States I6684
43 WINCHESTER, David  19 Dec 1844Tennessee, United States P4442
44 WINCHESTER, Margaret Ella  12 Dec 1932Tennessee, United States P4439


Matches 1 to 28 of 28

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ABELLS / VANDEGRIFF  Abt 1861Tennessee, United States F980
2 BARRET / BURROW  Abt 1896Tennessee, United States F2550
3 BLANTON / BAGWELL  Abt 1887Tennessee, United States F1617
4 CORBAN / HILL  1801Tennessee, United States F409
5 CRAWFORD / SIPES  26 Aug 1951Tennessee, United States F2511
6 CUNNINGHAM / ROBERTSON   1837Tennessee, United States F438
7 CUNNINGHAM / TUCKER  Abt 1836Tennessee, United States F2173
8 DAVIDSON / DAVIDSON  Abt 1897Tennessee, United States F1968
9 DAVIDSON / GUINN  Abt 1891Tennessee, United States F1977
10 DAVIDSON / NEIGHBORS  7 Aug 1915Tennessee, United States F1967
11 DICKEY / GOWEN  Abt 1893Tennessee, United States F2551
12 EARNHART / HAY  Abt 1884Tennessee, United States F2101
13 GREENE / UNKNOWN  1925Tennessee, United States F197
14 GREER / FUMBANKS  Abt 1930Tennessee, United States F2342
15 HADDOCK / LONGLEY  Abt 1853Tennessee, United States F1878
16 HAULIN / MYERS  Aft 1917Tennessee, United States F1966
17 HAY / LANIER  Abt 1854Tennessee, United States F2103
18 HIGGINS / SANDERS  18 Mar 1899Tennessee, United States F1371
19 JOYNER / DALTON  13 Sep 1838Tennessee, United States F965
20 KIRKSEY / PILLOW  16 Dec 1858Tennessee, United States F2273
21 MCGRAW / BALCH  1845Tennessee, United States F2140
22 MILSTEAD / MORTON  Abt 1858Tennessee, United States F1037
23 MORRIS / PILLBERY  Abt 1837Tennessee, United States F2024
24 PATTON / CARNEY  30 Jul 1831Tennessee, United States F1223
25 ROOKS / TAYLOR  Abt 1847Tennessee, United States F2104
26 THOMPSON / THOMAS  10 May 1917Tennessee, United States F1133
27 WILLIAMS / BRAZELTON  24 Oct 1876Tennessee, United States F2207
28 WILSON / LEONARD  Abt 1886Tennessee, United States F1369