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Virginia, United States


Tree: Prichard - Thompson Genealogy

State/Province : Latitude: 37.547117948564335, Longitude: -77.47833251953125


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 LEE, Alice  Sep 1842Virginia, United States I1155
2 ANDERSON, William  Virginia, United States I44
3 ATKINSON, Richard D  Abt 1800Virginia, United States I5388
4 BAKER, Alberta  Abt 1859Virginia, United States I182004
5 BAKER, Dora  Abt 1852Virginia, United States I182001
6 BAKER, Ella  Abt 1856Virginia, United States I182003
7 BAKER, Hannie  Abt 1854Virginia, United States I182002
8 BECKNER, Anna  Abt 1825Virginia, United States I7232
9 BEECH, Lodwick  Abt 1796Virginia, United States I5810
10 BEECH, Mary  Abt 1802Virginia, United States I5812
11 BEECH, Polly  Abt 1800Virginia, United States I5811
12 BLANKENSHIP, Eliza Ellen  Abt 1847Virginia, United States I7240
13 BLANKENSHIP, Jessie  Abt 1841Virginia, United States I7239
14 BRANCH, Verlincha  1780Virginia, United States I2170
15 CALHOUN, Susan M  Abt 1836Virginia, United States P4472
16 CHEETHAM, Elizabeth  Abt 1810Virginia, United States I4639
17 COOPER, Mary  Abt 1810Virginia, United States I183456
18 CRISP, William Mansell  Abt 1695Virginia, United States I3838
19 DACUS, Alexander  Abt 1770Virginia, United States I182823
20 DALTON, Nancy  Abt 1822Virginia, United States I3892
21 DAVIS, Delilah  Abt 1785Virginia, United States P143
22 DAVIS, Jean  Abt 1709Virginia, United States I182605
23 DAVIS, Joseph  1750Virginia, United States P148
24 DEWES, Sarah Jane  Abt 1802Virginia, United States I217
25 DOBBINS, James  Abt 1740Virginia, United States I3666
26 DOUGLASS, John  20 Mar 1781Virginia, United States P4479
27 ELAM, Martin  Abt 1755Virginia, United States I182706
28 FARLEY, Elizabeth B  Abt 1775Virginia, United States I5809
29 FITZPATRICK, Martha Cordellia  Abt 1878Virginia, United States P32
30 FITZPATRICK, Samuel Jr.  Abt 1840Virginia, United States P22
31 FLORY, Ada  Abt 1883Virginia, United States I6442
32 FLORY, Ida Bell  Abt 1869Virginia, United States I6436
33 FLORY, Jacob L  Abt 1880Virginia, United States I6441
34 FLORY, John Edward  Abt 1874Virginia, United States I6438
35 FLORY, John G  22 Jul 1842Virginia, United States I6434
36 FLORY, Lottie Leah  Abt 1878Virginia, United States I6440
37 FLORY, Maggie D  Abt 1876Virginia, United States I6439
38 FLORY, Sadie Virgil  Abt 1885Virginia, United States I6443
39 FLORY, Susan Catherine  Abt 1870Virginia, United States I6437
40 FLORY, William Arthur  10 Oct 1871Virginia, United States I6368
41 GATLIN, Mary Ann  25 Dec 1819Virginia, United States I8176
42 GILLESPIE, Elizabeth  1760Virginia, United States I853
43 GODWIN, Hulda  1727Virginia, United States I970
44 GOFF, Margaret D.  05 Feb 1807Virginia, United States I1556
45 GOFORTH, Robert  Abt 1773Virginia, United States I4085
46 GRIGSBY, Francis Jane  Abt 1812Virginia, United States I182976
47 HALL, William Franklin  1799Virginia, United States I512
48 HARRIS, Martha Ann  Abt 1835Virginia, United States I7847
49 HARRISON, Mary Ann  abt. 1821Virginia, United States I3068
50 HIGHTOWER, Susannah  Abt 1757Virginia, United States I3717

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BENISON, Charles F.  1920Virginia, United States I2190
2 CUNNINGHAM, Jacob  1760Virginia, United States I855
3 FAULKNER, Mary Catherine  1780Virginia, United States I964
4 GODWIN, Hulda  1796Virginia, United States I970
5 Lee, Unknown  Bef 1850Virginia, United States I7534
6 PHILLIPS, Mary  Abt 1829Virginia, United States I182707
7 POLSON, Andrew  1815Virginia, United States P147
8 SMITH, Joshua  10 Apr 1863Virginia, United States I6699
9 STRINGER, Charles C  4 Apr 1862Virginia, United States I103
10 WILKINSON, William  1796Virginia, United States I971


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BEECH / BEECH  16 Jun 1821Virginia, United States F1860
2 BEECH / FARLEY  Abt 1788Virginia, United States F1863
3 FLORY / WRIGHT  Abt 1866Virginia, United States F2021
4 GORDON / LEE  1784Virginia, United States F1269
5 MOHLER / GRIGSBY  20 Mar 1834Virginia, United States F1580
6 MONDAY / SPILLMAN  19 Sep 1809Virginia, United States F2099
7 STOKES / DEWES  4 Dec 1820Virginia, United States F1