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Georgia, United States


Tree: Prichard - Thompson Genealogy

State/Province : Latitude: 33.671325737945594, Longitude: -84.375


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ARGO, Inez  18 Jan 1892Georgia, United States I182563
2 ARGO, Lewis Benjamin  25 Apr 1896Georgia, United States I8161
3 ARGO, Tommie  Abt 1886Georgia, United States I8160
4 BATES, Eugene  29 Jul 1932Georgia, United States I182556
5 BATEY, Sarah  27 Jul 1831Georgia, United States I182198
6 BENISON, George  abt. 1813Georgia, United States I2492
7 BETTERTON, Parks Moore  22 Jul 1896Georgia, United States I183693
8 BLACKWELL, Micajah  1829Georgia, United States I932
9 BLACKWELL, Micajah N  03 Jul 1866Georgia, United States I4606
10 BLALACK, Benjamin  Abt 1858Georgia, United States I182803
11 BLALACK, Caroline Elizabeth  Abt 1929Georgia, United States I182795
12 BLALACK, Elender L  Abt 1856Georgia, United States I182802
13 BLALACK, William Melvin  Abt 1852Georgia, United States I182801
14 BLANCHARD, Antonette  1867Georgia, United States I8134
15 BLEDSOE, Jane  22 Nov 1792Georgia, United States I5485
16 BRACKETT, Dock Lorenze  13 Jan 1869Georgia, United States P4448
17 BRACKETT, Jeremiah H Jerry  Sep 1854Georgia, United States P4455
18 BUTLER, Emaline S  8 Jan 1813Georgia, United States I772
19 BUTLER, Young G  30 Oct 1810Georgia, United States I182470
20 CAIN, Minnie L  Abt 1870Georgia, United States I8129
21 CARTER, Vesta Dorothy  Abt 1867Georgia, United States I7208
22 CHEEK, Katie  Abt 1880Georgia, United States I6139
23 COATES, J. G.  Georgia, United States I183542
24 COBB, Charles R  12 Oct 1850Georgia, United States I182797
25 COBB, Martha Ann  04 Sep 1846Georgia, United States I182796
26 COBB, Mary Jane  20 Jan 1850Georgia, United States I182786
27 CROCKETT, Rebecca  Abt 1810Georgia, United States I182729
28 CROSBY, Martha  Abt 1832Georgia, United States I8159
29 CROW, Arabella  Abt 1854Georgia, United States I5892
30 CROW, Georgia Ann  Abt 1855Georgia, United States I5893
31 CROW, Louisa  Abt 1858Georgia, United States I5894
32 CROW, Nancy  Abt 1852Georgia, United States I5886
33 CROWLEY, John Charles  Abt 1796Georgia, United States I4187
34 CROWLEY, Samuel  05 Aug 1831Georgia, United States I4167
35 DAVIDSON, Joseph  Abt 1805Georgia, United States I1045
36 DICKEY, Thana  Abt 1804Georgia, United States I182463
37 DUGGAN, Margaret Jordan  Abt 1880Georgia, United States I183254
38 FRAZIER, John Harrry  Abt 1843Georgia, United States I183247
39 GANDY, John Vanburen  30 Aug 1885Georgia, United States I182562
40 GANDY, Louise  06 Mar 1915Georgia, United States I182558
41 GANDY, Samuel  Abt 1838Georgia, United States I8158
42 HADDOCK, David C  Abt 1847Georgia, United States I5874
43 HADDOCK, Elizabeth  Abt 1848Georgia, United States I5875
44 HADDOCK, Georgia Alice  Abt 1869Georgia, United States I5883
45 HADDOCK, Margaret Arvenia  Abt 1866Georgia, United States I5882
46 HADDOCK, Martha  Abt 1844Georgia, United States I5873
47 HANNON, Rebecca Fannie  Abt 1758Georgia, United States I181652
48 HARBUCK, Rebecca  Abt 1775Georgia, United States I4560
49 Hardin, Charity  22 Aug 1817Georgia, United States I4552
50 HESTER, Nancy  Abt 1815Georgia, United States I7242

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BLAKENEY, Mary  1819Georgia, United States I2202
2 BOWDEN, John H  1863Georgia, United States I6708
3 BRACKETT, Daniel  18 Feb 1888Georgia, United States P4468
4 CHEEK, Katie  22 Jul 1962Georgia, United States I6139
5 GUNTHARP, William Jacob  Abt 1864Georgia, United States I930
6 HARBUCK, Rebecca  Abt 1850Georgia, United States I4560
7 LONGLEY, Lydia  5 Mar 1901Georgia, United States I5876
8 MARTIN, Charlotte  Abt 1880Georgia, United States I3844
9 PARTLOW, Sarah Ann  Abt 1850Georgia, United States I181939
10 RENFROE, Mary  21 Apr 1877Georgia, United States I183035
11 RODGERS, John  Abt 1797Georgia, United States I3840
12 STRINGER, Abea  16 Sep 1810Georgia, United States I94
13 TURNAGE, Richard  1890Georgia, United States I914
14 UNKNOWN  Abt 1900Georgia, United States I183069
15 WINBURN, James  Abt 1857Georgia, United States I181933


Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BLALACK / SCOTT  Abt 1852Georgia, United States F1532
2 BUTLER / POINDEXTER  01 Jan 1778Georgia, United States F201
3 COBB / BLALACK  Abt 1847Georgia, United States F1531
4 HOGAN / STRINGER  abt. 1809Georgia, United States F813
5 JENKINS /   11 Nov 1838Georgia, United States F2480
6 JOHNSON / WAGGONER  Abt 1778Georgia, United States F1310
7 KELLY / SMITH  11 Nov 1834Georgia, United States F2294
8 SELLARS / CARTER  Abt 1885Georgia, United States F2233
9 STRINGER / WARNER  1786Georgia, United States F257
10 TWITTY / UNKNOWN  Abt 1889Georgia, United States F1598
11 VINSON / CHERRY  Abt 1870Georgia, United States F1591